Getting Started: Ordering Clickers

Who buys them?

Generally, students buy their own clickers, usually at the bookstore. Look for a contact at your bookstore. They usually list it as a “required text”, so students know when they buy their books.

In some, usually smaller, schools a dept. might buy a set for a class. But you need to find some way to make sure each student gets the same clicker each class period. For high school use, we are thinking of duct-taping the clickers to yard sticks so they don’t walk out of the rooms.

What system should I use?

If your school has an “accepted” system, use that. This way students only have to buy one kind. Beth uses iclicker as it’s the simplest, most reliable in her experience. Beth has gotten in over 500 clicks within a minute or less with no problem. Last time I tried the latency was unacceptable.