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Peer Instruction Advice

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Implementing Peer Instruction is not (necessarily) the same as “using clickers.” Like any tool, clickers can be used for good or ill. Below we share some advice on how to get started using Peer Instruction, advice for helping students understand why it’s valuable, an instructor “cheat sheet” to take with you to class, and specific tips on things that we see instructors tend to do but should be avoided.


Latest Research

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What have people published about Peer Instruction in Computing?  Here are some things we think you might find useful or interesting, updated periodically with the latest findings:

New CS1 Pedagogies and Curriculum, the Same Success Factors?
Christine Alvarado, Cynthia Lee, and Gary Gillespie.
SIGCSE 2014, March, 2014.

Peer Instruction in Computing: The Value of Instructor Intervention
Daniel Zingaro and Leo Porter.
Computers and Education (C&E) 71, 87-96, February, 2014.

Can Peer Instruction be Effective in Upper-division Computer Science Courses?
Cynthia Lee, Saturnino Garcia, and Leo Porter.
ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE), August, 2013.

Student Experience in a Student-Centered Peer Instruction Classroom 
Beth Simon, Sarah Esper, Leo Porter, and Quintin Cutts.
ICER 2013

Peer Instruction in Computer Science at Small Liberal Arts Colleges
Leo Porter, Saturnino Garcia, John Glick, Andrew Matusiewicz, Cynthia Taylor.
ITiCSE 2013

Halving Fail Rates Using Peer Instruction: A Study of Four Computer Science Courses
Leo Porter, Cynthia Bailey Lee, Beth Simon.

How We Teach Impacts Student Learning: Peer Instruction vs. Lecture in CS0
Jaime Spacco, Beth Simon, Julian Parris.

Retaining 18-30% more Majors with a Trio of Instructional Best Practices in CS1
Leo Porter, Beth Simon.


Everything CS faculty need to adopt Peer Instruction